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Windows 10 Preview Update Available For Windows Devices!

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Windows 10 has become the talk of the town and every Lumia user was waiting for the Windows 10 Preview updated on their phone but very few Lumia devices got the opportunity to get their hands on the updating and some of those devices were Lumia 630,730 etc but most of the devices like Lumia 520,620,720 and 820 got left behind but after waiting for so many days all of the Lumia devices are going to get the Windows 10 Preview updated.

Windows 10 Preview update coming to the Windows Phone is not official and thats why you need to install a certain app in order to get your hands on Windows 10 Preview Update.Microsoft published an app called as Windows Insider which gives you early access to the Windows Updates.Using this you can get preview builds directly from Microsoft.You can get pre-released Os updates on their phone.

To get the updates you need to download the Windows Insider app on your Lumia smartphones and login using your Microsoft account and then start searching for the preview builds.Using mobile network you can search for new builds but to download the update you need to have an Wi-Fi connection as the update always exceeds more than 200Mb.I myself own an Lumia 720 and this morning got notified that Windows 10 Preview is available for my device and thus started downloading.

Windows 10 Preview

Downloading and installation process is still going on and it will take some time and thus I conclude that Windows 10 Preview is now available for every Lumia Device and the theory has been tested on Lumia 520 and Lumia 620.If you own one of these devices and still didn’t get the update notification try using the Fast update in Windows Insider.Windows Insider has two ways of getting updates one is slow update and one is fast one.Fast gives you access to pre-release updates faster than anything but the chances of failure is high.

If you own and Lumia Device feel free to let us know if you got Windows 10 Preview update on your not and feel free to share your findings and experience.We will be coming with more on Lumia devices and Windows 10 on our blog and feel free to check Lumia Collection Apps.

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