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Top 5 Weather Apps For Your Android Phone

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Going for vacation or visiting a place? A desert,A city or A Beach it is necessary to know the Weather there and then plan the trip according to it.Imagine you going a place and packing only summer clothes of yours and when you arrive there you see that the place is more cold than you thought and all your packing and planning goes to waste so just to avoid these kind of problems you need to know about the weather,atmosphere and other geographical conditions of the place but the only way you can get these are by watching the local news or going over Internet which can consume your precious time so to tackle this problems many Weather Forecasting Apps were launched for different smart phone platforms and today we are here with top 5 Weather Apps for Android Phone.

Android Platform has millions of apps and hundreds of them are weather forecast related and it was hard to sort it down to 5 best Weather Apps and most of these are free apps but you can also go for the premium apps we have listed as they being premium gives you more information about the targeted place.Cutting the list down to top 5 Weather Apps was hard and it would have taken you days to find the one you wanted so we thought of coming with the list so that it saves you time and you get what you were finding.

Android Apps are published on Google Play Store and that’s why we have used play stores link for the respective apps.You can follow the link which will redirect you to Play Store and you can download or buy the app you like most.These Top 5 Weather Apps were chosen on the basis of their functionality,compatibility and the ability to produce results.

Top 5 Weather Apps For Your Android Phone

1) Accuweather Platinum (Paid Version)

Top 5 Weather Apps

Accuweather is by far the best Weather App Available on Play Store and it is a paid version of Accuweather App that comes free for Android phone but if you have some bucks to spend than nothing can be better than this application.It gives you hourly predictions,detailed current conditions,animated radar maps and all the details related to the targeted address.

Once you set the targeted area you get all the information like when its going to rain and how long its is going to rain.Accuweather can predict rains 120 minutes before even when it rains.With the push notifications you can get all the detailed information like temperature,how’s the day gonna be and more.You just need to buy the app and install it in your Android Phone.

2) Accuweather (Free Version)

Accuweather is the free version of Accuweather Platinum and have almost the same features as the Platinum one but you will not be able the premium features.You will be able to experience the superior accuracy,minute by minute forecast,custom widgets,ability to store unlimited number of locations,animated radar maps for areas like North America and Europe.

Current News and videos available in multiple languages like English and Spanish and quick sharing options so that you can share the weather conditions of your area with your friends and family.If you are looking for a free Weather App than this one must be your first choice.

3) The Weather Channel

When it comes to Weather Apps,The Weather Channel is the name no can forget as it offers you one of the best radar maps,weather news,local forecasts,custom widgets and regular updates.The weather channel gives you the current weather conditions like temperature,sunrise time,sunset time and many more things.

You also get Weather Alerts for Hurricane and Tornado activities.You can activate hurricane tracking,choose layer maps,set the targeted area etc.You get push alerts,easy to use interface,optimised for android devices etc.Thousands of Android users have chosen this app over others which makes it worthy of being mentioned as one of the top 5 Weather Apps for Android Phone.

4) Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is a product by Yahoo Inc who are in the Internet Market for a long time and have also published some great apps on the Android Marketplace and one of them is the Yahoo Weather.With this you will be able to check the daily temperature,wind pressure,wind flow.With Yahoo Weather you can browse interactive maps,satellite,radar,heat and snow.

You get to see animated sunrise,sunset with the Yahoo Weather app and you can set one more than one city a time to find the temperature and weather conditions.You can track the temperature of your favorite cities around the globe and you get to share these weather conditions with your family and friends over the social media sites.

5) 1Weather

1Weather is one of the most loved Weather Apps in the market.More than 250,000 users have reviewed this app on play store and more than 172,000 people gave 5-star rating to the app and the numbers are increasing every day.With 1Weather you get real weather forecasts upto 48 hours and you get animated sunrise and sunset on the app.

Custom 1Weather Widget with gorgeous interface and three clock widgets included.Temperature available in Farenheit or Celsius and available in more than 25 Language worldwide.This is a must have app for every Android Phone user so if you were looking for a weather app feel free to download it and install it and let us know how it did.

So these were Top 5 Weather Apps For Android Phone and we will be coming more lists on Android Phone in the future.If you have something special that you want to see on this site feel free to ask in comments and we will be there to help you in any way possible.

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