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How To Switch From Iphone To Windows Phone

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Iphone just launched its Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 Plus with the IOS 8 update and the design really caught the hearts of Iphone fans but IOS 8 really disappointed many Iphone followers as I was one of them and was browsing through different smartphones and then Lumia devices caught my glimpse and I was really surprised of the design and the build quality and it really made me want to have a Windows Phone and I am proud to say that I am a proud owner of Lumia device now.Switching from Iphone to Lumia was a strong decision to a me as being an Iphone follower Windows OS was really new to me and I had lots to move from Iphone To Windows Phone and it was really tricky.

Windows phones are much similar to Iphone the Windows latest release Windows 8.1 really added some new features and apps and really increased the performance.Latest Windows Phone which has been updated to Windows 8.1 comes with an app called Cortana a serious competitor to Siri which is like a virtual smartphone assistant.Windows phones with their great cameras with Carl Zeiss lens really attracts customers  but moving from Apple’s Flagship to Microsoft Flagship is really not that simple.

Switch From Iphone To Windows Phone

You all must be having a lot of important data like Images and Videos,Contacts,Calendars,Messages,Docs etc and changing devices so suddenly can be a problem.Hundreds of people switch from Iphone to Windows Phone daily and really find it complex to move data from their last phone and that is why we will help you switch from Iphone To Windows Phone without losing any data.You only need a Pc,your Iphone and Windows Phone and an active internet connection.

How To Switch From Iphone To Windows Phone :-

1) De-activating iMessages

If you were an iMessage user you might still be getting message unless you turned them off.Only just by switching off your device you can’t stop people sending you messages on iMessage so you need to turn off the iMessage service so that you don’t miss any important messages.To deactivate iMessage you need to open settings menu and tap on messages and then switch the iMessage button to right side to deactivate it.

2) Transferring Your Email

Transferring Email from your Iphone to your new Windows Phone can be really easy whether you are using Google Mail,Outlook or iCloud account you can just add the account on your phone and you are good to go.

3) Transferring Your Contacts

There are many ways of transferring contacts from Iphone to Windows phone and today we are going to try some most common methods.If you use an online account to backup your contacts you can set the account on the Windows Phone it will automatically synchronize the contacts whether it’s an Google Account or an Outlook Account or a Facebook Account.

If the online method is not working you can try copying Outlook Method.Connect your Iphone to your computer and launch iTunes and then click on Info tab and check Sync With and then choose Outlook.Now you can set up the account in desired device and you are good to go.

You can also try the Excel method to transfer your contacts you can download some apps like ExcelContacts lite from the app store which can export your contacts as an Excel Spreadsheet or a CSV file.You can then send the CSV or Excel Spreadsheet file to yourself and then sync them to your Windows Phone.

4) Transferring Your Music

There are several ways of transferring music from Iphone To Windows Phone and we are going to go through one by one.If you were using any music apps like Spotify,Slacker Radio or Pandora you can easily sync your music with your new Windows Phone.Download the app on your device and log in to sync all your music.

‘If you have music stored in Iphone using iTunes you can sync your new device with iTunes and to do that you need to download the Windows Phone application for Windows or for Mac Os and then select sync with iTunes option and it will copy all your music to your new Windows Phone.

5) Transferring Photos and Videos

Transferring photos and videos and can be the most easy thing when you are using one of the cloud services like Dropbox or Onedrive.Sync all your photos and video to one of these cloud services and then download the respective app on your Windows Phone and then log in and you get all the pictures and videos you had.

You can also sync all your Iphone pictures and videos to your desktop and then move all the files to your Windows Phone.Your Facebook pictures will be synchronized when you log in to your Facebook account using your Windows Phone.

So I think now you will not be having any problems switching and moving your data from Iphone To Windows Phone.If you are having any problems moving data feel free to ask in comments and we will be there to help you in any way possible.

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