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IDM-The Best Download Manager Available Online

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IDM Stands For Internet Download Manager and is one of the most used downloading client in the world.Internet Download Manager has been around for years and have already become a household name for those who surf the web and download contents on regular basis but if you are someone who has never heard the name of IDM then this article is for you as today we are going to review IDM and its features.

IDM or say Internet Download Manager is a tool for those who are on slow connection and are tired of long waiting time on their downloads.IDM is a tool that increase your download speed by up to 5 times meaning what you used to download in 5 minutes now you will be able to download in less than 1 minute with the help of IDM.

There are thousands of downloaders available online but still IDM has been successful to leave a mark on the web with its millions of download every month.IDM offers features that you can’t even dream of having in any normal downloading client.

Internet Download Manager

IDM is easy to use and easy to download you can just visit the official site of Internet Download Manager and download it from their site,you can try IDM for free for 30 days after that you can go for any of its plans according to your needs and get an IDM Serial Key.After downloading IDM you can install it in your Pc and get familiar with its interface and try it yourself.

As stated earlier IDM has many features that other online downloading clients can’t compare to and these are the features that make it so great and this is why people has been using it for years.Some of the features of Internet Download Manager are:-

1) Supports all browsers and applications

IDM supports all popular web browsers including Chrome,Internet Explorer,Mozilla Firefox and all of their versions and can be integrated into any internet applications to take over downloads.

2)  Video Grabber

This is something that you will find only in Internet Download Manager,IDM can pickup downloads from any webpage embedded videos.Once you install IDM and browse the video page on web a “Download The Video” button pops up which starts downloading as soon as you click on it.

3) Simple Installation Wizard

Downloading the setup and install Internet Download Manager on your pc and once you install it and open it IDM automatically integrates itself in all the browsers installed.

4) IDM Is Multilingual

IDM is available or say translated to some of the most used or say spoken languages in the world.IDM supports over 20 languages other than English.

5) Download All

IDM now supports download all feature using which you can download all the files available on a page at once.

6) Download Resume

IDM offers the feature of resuming your downloads,your download starts from where it was left of and might get restarted if there is some error or broken connections.

7) Download Categories

Downloads can be organised automatically and can also be scheduled to a later time according to your need.

8) Download Speed Acceleration

IDM can accelerate downloads by a minimum of 5 times using its dynamic file segmentation technology.

So these were some of the best features of Internet Download Manager now you must be thinking how this tool works and how to start using it and use IDM to download videos from YouTube or other major Video sites on the web,then there is nothing to worry about because here we will guide through the whole process.

How To Download Internet Download Manager:-

Internet Download Manager is free to download and you can use it for free on a 30 day trial basis and after that you need to buy a license and let me tell you its worth it.If you are wondering where can you buy a license from your can go to Buy IDM page then select a plan and make the payment.

Now let’s get to where to download IDM from and install it and then use it to download files from some of the major file-sharing sites,So let’s go and see how it happens:-

Internet Download Manager

  1. Download IDM from its official website.
  2. Now start the installation process and keep tapping Next->Next until the process is done.
  3. Now open IDM and you will see a pop-up box with the Tip of day which in short gives you tips on how to use IDM.
  4. Now close the tip,as you are doing these the IDM is integrating itself to all the browsers installed on your pc.
  5. Now that the IDM is installed go ahead and check if it even works,to do that you can follow these steps.
  • Open any major file-sharing site or any video sharing site like YouTube.com
  • Then search for any particular video you like and open it.
  • Now let the video buffer for 1 sec and you will se a pop-up coming above or bottom of the video saying “Download This Video”.
    Internet Download Manager
  • Now you choose the quality you want to download and start the download process.You can also schedule those downloads and choose when to start the download and in which order if you have more than 1 downloads scheduled.
    IDM Downloading
  • So this is how you download any file using Internet Download Manager whether its paid or a free version.

So this was an article on what is IDM and how does IDM work now so lets get to what I feel about using IDM as am using IDM from more than more than 7 years now,you might have different opinions but if you have let us know in comments.

What Do I Think About Internet Download Manager:-

  1. IDM is the best there is in the market if you are looking for a download manager.
  2. IDM doesn’t boast when it says it accelerated your download speed,try it for yourself and you will see.
  3. Video grabbing and scheduling are the features I love the most.
  4. Browser integration is takes place in less time than a wink and its automatic,IDM does it itself and this is a very handy feature.
  5. IDM paid version is totally worth it as you will be able to enjoy IDM for a longer period and download much more than you expected in no time at all.

So this my take on Internet Download Manager,Let me know what do you guys think about IDM in the comments below and a IDM serial key giveaway is starting soon and we will be giving out 10 1 year IDM licenses.So be sure to check it out and dont forget to bookmark our blog and share this with your friends to increase your chances of winning. Thanks!

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