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How To Move Apps To SD Card in Windows Phone

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Windows Phone has really made a market for themselves in the last five years and the number of Windows Phone users are increasing day by day.Windows Phones are available in every budget and every shape and size and has a great Windows Store to supply you the apps you need in your daily life.There are almost millions of apps available on Windows Store but what if there’s not much space left in your Windows Phone to install those apps.So to rid you of the problem today we will be seeing how to move Apps To SD Card in Windows Phone.

Most of the Windows Phone with Memory Card slots comes with an Internal Storage space of 8GB and most of that space is often occupied by system apps and files you can’t remove so most of the time you will be running out of space to install apps and you will not be able to enjoy the high-definition games which takes up almost 500-1024 MB of space.So before installing every new app you will think of the remaining space and thus ending the thought of installing it even if it’s an important one.

How To Move Apps To SD Card In Windows Phone

If you want to install your favourite apps and not finding enough space in your internal memory then you can just know How To Move Apps To SD Card in Windows Phone.You can create enough space in your Internal Memory to install the best games and apps you like by moving your already installed apps to SD Card.Moving the installed apps to SD card will free space in your internal memory and thus giving you more freedom to download the app of your choice and enjoy it to its fullest without worrying about space.

 How To Move Apps To SD Card in Windows Phone:-

To move all your apps to SD Card in Windows Phone first you need to verify that your phone supports an external Memory Card and to see that you can head to the Storage Sense and as you open it if you get to see the Memory Card you have a slot and thus you can insert your Memory Card and start moving the apps.It all depends on you to move as many apps you want to move as sometimes many people prefer moving the apps which are taking too much spaces like games but you can’t move the pre-installed apps like Cortana or the system apps.

This tutorial is for Windows 8.1 phone so before starting you can check your Windows Phone version and if you are running a Windows Phone 8 there might be some changes in icons and menu.If you are running Windows Phone 8 you can read how to update Windows Phone.You can also choose where you want to save your new Music,Photos and downloads.You can choose between Phone memory and Memory Card from the storage sense and you are ready to go.

Now moving on to the topic of moving Apps To SD Card in Windows Phone.To do that you need to open the Storage Sense>Phone>Apps+Games.Now to move the app you need to tap on the app and you get the option to uninstall and move the app to SD Card and there you can choose the option to move the app to SD Card and there you go.If you want to move more than one app at once you can just select the apps and then from the menu you can select move these to SD Card.

So there you go and now you can move any number of apps in your SD Card if you have enough space in your Memory Card and free up some space in your Phone’s Internal Memory.If you have some questions regarding the tutorial of how to move apps to SD Card in Windows Phone feel free to ask in comments and we will be there to help you as soon as we can.

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