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Cortana- Your New Personal Smartphone Assistant

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Windows Phone has been on rise since last 2 years and on 2nd April a Milestone was set by the people at Microsoft and it was the day Microsoft first demonstrated Cortana at the Microsoft Build Developer Conference.Microsoft has many unique apps like Lumia Collection Apps and many unique features that can make your jaws drop but Cortana was something that was going to revolutionize the whole world.Cortana is similar to Siri which is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator as defined by Apple.

Cortana name comes from the intelligent artificial intelligence character in Halo games and having the same Voice actress Jen Taylor for Us-Specific Version.As I said earlier Cortana is in many ways similar to Siri which is a voice assistant for Apple Iphone but Cortana is a bit different from every voice assistant available for smartphones.Cortana is like a real life personal assistant which learns from the way you use your phone and your daily activities.Cortana serves you and at the same time offers you advice and suggestions to make your experience worthwhile.

People lives has been shortened with technology in hand and now everyone relies on technology for their needs and that’s why Microsoft saw a need of a personal assistant who can help people in their everyday life and thus the idea of Cortana came in their mind and after the hard work of 2 years their dream came became reality.


Cortana is region specific app and it adapts its voice to match the regional language,culture of the user and his lifestyle.The UK version of Cortana has a British Accent while chinese version of it speaks Mandarin Chinese and has an icon featuring a face and two eyes.

How To Setup Cortana?

Activating Cortana is more easy than you ever thought and if you have bought a Windows Phone that’s already been upgraded to Windows 8.1 there’s no need to activate it again as it comes pre-installed and pre-activated.Tap the search  button and if the Bing daily images comes then Cortana has not been activated.To activate it you need to head to settings and then swipe over to applications and then turn the application on.

After activating Cortana when you open it for the first time she will ask you some questions which will let here understand about you,your daily activities and it sends the speech data to Microsoft to improve personalised speech.You can set a name if you want from the app settings and make Cortana address you by that name.

What Can You Say To Cortana?

Cortana is a smartphone personal assistant which acts on your voice so you can give commands,ask questions and it will provide you the best answer possible.There are many things you can ask Cortana and it is not limited to few questions because Cortana learns from your daily lives and evolve daily with you.

Cortana can sing songs,cortana can tell jokes and do impressions for you too.You just need to ask the right questions and Cortana will leave your laughing in tears and joy.Cortana has really kicked the competition a few notches and it is really not going to be easy for other smartphone assistants to survive in the market with their low support and functionality.

Regular Windows Phone updates are coming to improve the experience and we will be seeing something great in the near future.Cortana is going to be the turning point in the history of Windows Phone so stay tuned because world of Windows Phones is going to be full of surprises ahead.

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