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How To Activate Cortana In India Or In Non US Countries

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Windows Phones are picking up the face and with the latest Windows 8.1 release many new features were introduced and one of them was Cortana a personal assistant for Windows Phone users and has the same functionality as Siri but Cortana is only available for United States followed with Britain and China but most of the countries are still not on the Cortana list and one of those is India.Cortana is not supposed to arrive in Non Us countries for next two or three months but all the users around the world are eagerly waiting for Cortana so today we will be showing how to activate Cortana In India or outside Us countries.The tutorial is very simple and doesn’t require any special kind of app installed on hardware on your device you can just get Cortana by doing some changes into your settings.

Before starting with the process you need to check that your brand new Windows Device has Cortana or not if you have a Windows Phone that was bought months before you need to update your Windows Phone To Windows 8.1 and then check for Cortana.Now you all must be wondering how to check for Cortana in your device which is not a complex thing to do.You just need to touch the symbol right to the Windows logo looking like a magnifier which is in fact a search button.If you get Bing search then you definitely don’t have Cortana installed and activated in your device.

How to activate cortana

In many devices it is found that after updating to Windows 8.1 they got a Cortana App in their app list but after opening that all they found was a sentence saying “I’m sorry,but I can’t speak your language yet” and this is because Cortana still hasn’t been released for India and doesn’t supports Indian Language.So if you want to use Cortana in India you can try this tutorial and this will surely help you run this app in your Windows Phone.

 How To Activate Cortana In India:-

As said earlier activating Cortana in India or any Non Us states is easy and can be done just by altering just phone settings.So lets get started with the tutorial and let us know how it went for you.

Step 1: Open your Windows Phone settings and head to speech and change your default language or speech language to English (United States)/English (United Kingdom.

Step 2: Now head to regions in your setting and change your region from your default location to United States or United Kingdom.

Step 3: Now tap the search button and check if you Cortana is opening,if yes than Bing Search must not be appearing and you will be able to Cortana until you change your settings back to default.

So this was the easiest and working method to activate Cortana on your device and it is a method that works for all.Try this method to activate Cortana in India or other Non Us States and if you are having any problems and have any questions feel free to ask in comments and we will be there to help you in any way possible.

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