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5 Must Have Lumia Collection Apps For Windows Phone

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Windows Phones are trending in the smartphone market right now and many people have false assumptions like Windows Phone is not going to be a success because of scarcity of good apps which is not really true.Its certainly True that Windows Phone doesn’t have as many apps as Android Phone or Iphone but most of the quality apps are available on the Windows Store but the special thing is Lumia Collection Apps which have been introduced by the Windows itself.

All these Lumia Collection Apps are unique on their own and have a lot to offer.Unique apps like these are hard to find and some of these Apps are not even available for Iphone or Android.All these apps were developed specifically for the Lumia Smartphones and if you own one of those them you must download all these 5 Lumia Collection Apps first.These have been chosen from a long list and are worth your time if you look at it in right way.

You can download and install these apps directly from the Windows App Store but if you want to install them from your SD card you can learn how to download Windows Phone Apps and install them manually.These apps are the most popular apps for Windows Phone but I hope you like them and if we will be waiting for your suggestions and questions.

5 Must Have Lumia Collection Apps

1) Lumia Camera

Lumia Collection Apps

Lumia Camera previously known as Nokia Camera is one of the best Camera Apps available right now.Lumia Camera adds motion to the photos and brings them back to the life.Lumia Camera together with Lumia Refocus,Lumia Storyteller makes the Windows Phone the best smartphone any one had.

2) Here City Lens

Lumia Collection Apps

Here City lens was previously called Nokia City Lens and became one of the star attractions.In the early days the apps like these what attracted people toward Windows Phone and I no doubt was one of them.These 5 Lumia Collection Apps that I am mentioning are those who made me fall in love with my Windows Phone Lumia 720 that I own.

3) Here Drive+

Lumia Collection Apps

Here Drive+ is an offline,turn to turn navigational app which lets you navigate easily around the globe.You just need to download the map and select the destination and you will be there without any Internet or Roaming CHarges.You can choose Country and Region and then download the followed map and that’s it,you are ready to go.

4) Here Maps

Lumia Collection Apps

Here Maps finds the shortest distance between any two cities and you get to travel all the world internet free and roaming free.Offline maps of over 135 countries are available online and Here Maps together with Livesight gives you the experience of realtime navigation and you get to see labels above buildings.

5) MixRadio

Lumia Collection Apps

MixRadio is a music streaming service.One of the best and most popular app in the world with millions of songs available for free for no advertising.You need to have a subscription to use this app and no Windows App goes without MixRadio and that’s why It is one of the essential Lumia Collection Apps.

If you own a Windows Phone or if you going to buy on make sure you download all these apps and install them on your device.You must check other apps listed in the Lumia Collection Apps like Lumia Cinemagraph,Lumia Selfie,Lumia Refocus etc as these are some of the best apps too.If you have any questions feel free to ask in comments and we will be there to help you.

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