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5 Best Antivirus For Android

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Android is one of the most used operating system on mobile devices and as all of you know nothing is perfect everything has some defects or security holes and that’s why we need to secure our smartphones from viruses,malware and malicious softwares.Antivirus is a software which is also known as anti-malware software is a software which detects virus and gives protection to your device against the various online threats and provides real-time protection.

There are many Antivirus apps available online which promises to protect your smartphone against the deadly viruses available and provides real-time protection to your device.An Antivirus does more for your smartphone than just protect against the malicious softwares and online viruses.An Antivirus provides security for all your connection when using the web,effectively protects your device against online threats and hacks,automatically scans all the links downloaded from internet and many more.

Best Antivirus For Android

Now you all might be wondering which is the best Android App For Android because more than 100 Antivirus Apps are available in the Play Store to download and that is why we are here today with some of the best Android Apps available online.We have compiled a list of Top 5 Best Antivirus For Android and they are ranked on the basis of their features and the amount of protection they provide and real reviews from the public.

Top 5 Best Antivirus Apps For Android

1) BitDefender Mobile Security
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BitDefender provides you absolute protection again online threats and malicious softwares and different kinds of the infecting viruses.Bitdefender has a paid version as well as a freemium version or Android and needless to say the Paid version always comes with the best features but the freemium version doesn’t loose at all in terms of protecting and securing your device so if you don’t have any money to spare feel free to download the free version available on the Play store.

2) Kaspersky Antivirus

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Kaspersky is free to download Antivirus software that is widely popular on computers but now has made his way into the Android market as well.Kaspersky Labs is one of the leading software companies in the well as Kaspersky Antivirus is free to use and has all the traits you would like in an antivirus program.Kaspersky is a free to download antivirus software which supports you Android device against virus,spyware,malware,trojans as well.

3) Avast Mobile Security

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Avast secures your devices against various infecting programs available online,malware,viruses,and other phishing softwares.Avast provides you real time information and provides regular free scans that keeps your device safe.Many websites including AndroidAuthority and DigitalTrends rated Avast as one of the top antivirus softwares for 2016 and that is why this is a must have antivirus.

4) Norton Antivirus

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If you have an Android device and have some basic knowledge about antivirus then you must have heard the name of Norton as it is one of the leading antivirus brands online.Norton provides many more features rather than just providing regular scans and protection against malware and phishing softwares.Norton provides anti theft facility for your device and you can even lock your device by just sending an SMS and that is why Norton is a must have antivirus software.

5) 360 Mobile Security

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360 Mobile security antivirus has more than 200 million downloads on play store and is one of the first antivirus programs to feature device boost,optimize background apps,cache,junk files etc and that is why it is one of the best antivirus apps for android so go ahead and try it and let us know how much you liked it.

So these were some of the best Android for Android and hope you guys liked it and if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask in comments and we will be there to help you any time of the day and don’t forget to check best antivirus for windows 10.

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  1. Kesavan

    Mar 9, 2017 at 6:37 am

    Great one Gautam it was really interesting to read do write more blogs like this. I have tried all apps you mentioned except “Avast Mobile Security” but looking at the features you have explained i think i should give it a go.

    Thank you


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